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Frontline Manager™: Teams and Groups

Self-Paced3 Course Hours | 12 Weeks
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Frontline Manager™: Teams and Groups


Managing a team or group requires a different approach to managing individuals and a skillset appropriate for the unique challenges groups and teams present. In this course, we'll distinguish between teams and groups, and explore the ways that both are used in modern business. You'll learn to recognize how teams come together and make decisions. This course will help new managers build a good team, empower it, resolve conflicts within it and how to jumpstart the team's creativity.


  • IACET CEUs: 0.3
  • HRCI Credits: 3
    • General: 3
  • SHRM PDCs: 3


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Audio-enabled
  • Badge and credit-awarding
  • Fully accessible
  • Games & Flashcards
  • Expert-supported
  • Video content

learning Outcomes

  • Describe the differences between teams and groups
  • List types of teams and common characteristics of effective teams
  • List Edgar Schein's types of decision-making strategies for teams and groups
  • Identify different strategies for team building
  • Recall the stages of Bruce Tuckman's model of team development
  • Describe methods for understanding and motivating team members
  • Select effective methods for helping to foster a diverse and inclusive team environment
  • Identify strategies for fostering a culture of creativity and innovation in a team setting
  • Name and describe common tools for facilitating team collaboration
  • Describe strategies for managing a team in a remote work setting
  • Identify conflict resolution strategies

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