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About Us

The Regional Economic Development Center (REDC) at Yavapai College is a resource center dedicated to building strong communities and increasing opportunities for local residents through economic development.

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Who is the REDC & How Do We Help?

Our mission is to attract, create, and grow companies that will encourage students to remain in Yavapai County, bringing economic vitality to the region. Our state-of-the-art facility in Prescott Valley and team members working throughout the County are here to help accomplish just that.

We focus on the following initiatives:

  • Fostering collaboration with regional partners to leverage resources
  • Providing data analysis to support intelligent business decisions
  • Spearheading workforce education and development initiatives to support business expansion and employee retention
  • Developing and delivering customized workforce training solutions

Our Facility

Our location in Prescott Valley, AZ, now in development, will be a collaborative, multi-disciplinary space serving start-ups and early-stage companies. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the growing facility is designed to be a hub for in-person events, hands-on business projects, and much more. We also intend to offer rentable workspaces to new and growing businesses.

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redc building interior
redc building interior
redc building interior
redc building interior

REDC Mission & Values

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life in Yavapai County by providing regional support for a prosperous economic environment through job creation, business and workforce development, technological innovation, and regional collaboration.

View Our Strategic Plan

Our vision

To be the premier regional resource center for economic growth through business and workforce development, research, and education.

Our Values


Leading and working collectively with our local, state, and federal partners.


Enhancing our economic landscape today and tomorrow.


Investing in policies, practices, and behaviors that work to support community partners county-wide.


Knowing that quality of life is not just about the here and now—it’s about securing sustainable, high paying, meaningful, and satisfying jobs for future generations.

The REDC & Yavapai College

The REDC is a Division of Yavapai College. We seek to further its educational mission by providing work-based learning opportunities and fostering high-quality job creation.

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