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Check out our latest articles on professional development, business growth, grant writing, REDC services, upcoming events, and more!

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What is Professional Development?

Professional development is necessary for career advancement. Discover why it is important and how it can be achieved.

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The Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning offers students a nontraditional way to engage with course material. Learn about the benefits here.

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Top Paying Jobs in Business Management

There are many different career paths a business major can take. This article will explore the 5 best-paying jobs in business management.

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The 10 Best Remote Team Building Activities

As remote employment becomes increasingly popular, companies are looking for activities to help remote teams work together better. Here are our top 10.

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Are Online Certificates Worth It? Pros and Cons of Getting an Online Certificate

Online certificates offer convenience and ease as well as affordability and variety. Find out why obtaining an online certificate may benefit your career.

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Investing in Employee Development: Caring For Your Most Important Asset

Employee development improves retention, job satisfaction, future leadership opportunities, and draws top talent. Learn how you can upskill your workforce.

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Is a Computer Science Degree Worth It?

A computer science degree offers students the ability to learn in a structured environment, but with new learning opportunities is it worth it?

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How to Build a Brand on Instagram, as a Business

How to take advantage of business features, post high-quality updates consistently, and encourage consumer interaction.

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How to Build a Remote Team: Strategies to Get the Most out of Your WFH Team

The employees have spoken: working from home makes people happier and more productive. Here’s how to build a remote team to get the most out of your employees.

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How to Build an HR Strategy

Without an HR strategy, you are likely to find yourself surrounded by issues like confused or frustrated coworkers. Learn how to build an HR strategy.

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How to Check the Legitimacy of a Business

Fake business scams are real. When considering doing work for a business, check their website, double check the job description, and research the business.

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What is a Market Assessment, and Do You Need One?

A market analysis includes competitive analysis, consumer analysis, and market predictions. It gives business leaders information to make smart decisions.

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How to Write a Business Plan for a Startup

Writing a startup business plan requires market research, an understanding of your target audience, future goals, and how you plan to achieve them.

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Six Photography Tricks for Beginners

From changing angles, to adjusting the shutter speed, here are six tricks beginning photographers can use to start their photography journey.

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The Top Seven Logo Design Principles for an Unforgettable Brand

A good brand logo will combine art concepts with marketing strategy, such as color psychology and theory, balance, and intent.

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How to Start a Catering Business

Catering is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs with a passion for food. Serving memorable meals at special events requires a solid business plan.

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Protecting Data: What is Application Security Testing?

Application security testing protects users and developers from hacking. It's performed while building the app as well as after launch.

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How to Become a Data Analyst

Real-world applications for learning and mastering data analytics.

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How to Accept a Job Offer Via Email

Many companies are sending emails with official job offers. When responding, clearly state that you accept the job and terms of employment.

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How to Become an Investment Banker

Tips to take you from aspiring professional to financial powerhouse

Featured Blog Image

How to Become an Accountant

A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Excellence

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How to Write a Personal Brand Statement: Building Identity for Career Success and Influence

Your brand is your online presence that shows your personality and professional skills, while a personal brand statement showcases your unique talents.

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The Importance of Personal Finance: Harnessing Financial Freedom for a Flourishing Life

Why is personal finance necessary? It affects your life, my life, and everyone’s life. Learn about the basics of personal finance and how to make it work for you.

Featured Blog Image

Navigating Resume Gaps: Strategies for Job Seekers

Sometimes we find ourselves in periods of our life where we have limited or no work history. There are plenty of strategies you can use to explain these gaps and leverage them!

Featured Blog Image

How to Join a Board of Directors

A guide to board membership, leadership, and effective governance.

Featured Blog Image

How to Set Team Goals

A good leader needs to set goals for a team that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Team goals at work empower employees.

Featured Blog Image

Enhancing Workforce Training: The Importance of Implementing Adult Learning Theories

As the demand for continuous learning and upskilling grows, it becomes increasingly crucial to design effective training programs that cater to adult learners.

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Grant Writing Tips | Let's Work Together

The value of partnerships when it comes to a grant-funded project cannot be overstated. Collaborative efforts bring together diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives.

Featured Blog Image

Handling New Manager Challenges, Part 2: Getting Yourself Right

Becoming a manager for the first time requires a shift in work mindset. New managers must accept feedback, seek advice, and be emotionally intelligent.

Featured Blog Image

Handling New Manager Challenges, Part 1: Interacting With Your Direct Reports

Becoming a first-time manager comes with challenges. Management tips include fostering camaraderie and trust, avoiding micromanaging, and delegating appropriately.

Featured Blog Image

Embracing and Implementing AI: A Crucial Move for Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept confined to the realm of science fiction. It has become a tangible reality, reshaping the way businesses operate and compete in the global market.

Featured Blog Image

Unleashing Your Professional Potential: Exploring LinkedIn's Benefits for Career Growth

LinkedIn serves as an online resume and professional profile. It allows you to showcase your skills, experience, and achievements to a global audience.

Featured Blog Image

Boost Your Resume With Emotional Intelligence Training

You might be wise, but how’s your emotional intelligence doing? Learn how to improve the skill most managers prefer to IQ.

Featured Blog Image

What is Sales Training, and Why Do You Need It?

The advantages of sales training are endless. Learn what sales training is, why it is essential, and how to implement it effectively to reap the benefits.

Featured Blog Image

10 Tips for Running a Meeting

Effective Business Management Starts Here.

Featured Blog Image

Grant Writing Tips | Sustainability & Stories

In this month's grant writing tips, we cover two often overlooked, yet incredibly important topics: Sustainability & Telling your story.

Featured Blog Image

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and businesses have also realized its potential as a marketing tool

Featured Blog Image

How Happy Are You? A Quick Dive into the Global Happiness Index

As economists, we often focus on metrics like GDP and job creation to gauge a country's success.

Featured Blog Image

How to Become a Better Team Player: Group Dynamics at Work

Working in a group is dreaded by many. Learn how to be a positive and productive member of any group.

Featured Blog Image

Micro-Credentials: The Little Things Add Up

Micro-credentials are certificates, or digital badges, earned through the completion of courses aimed at improving professional skill sets.

Featured Blog Image

The Silent Killer: Understanding Quiet Quitting in the Workplace

Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that's becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace.

Featured Blog Image

How to Create a Meaningful Workplace Onboarding Checklist

A thorough onboarding program is vital in new employee hiring and training. It allows new hires to feel comfortable and prepared, enabling organizations to get the best work from their employees.

Featured Blog Image

Grant writing tips | Funding announcements & how to hunt for funding

Part 1 of our monthly featured section of tips for successful grant writing. This month, we'll look at funding announcements and how to "hunt" for funding.

Featured Blog Image

Customer Experience: Invest in Your Most Valuable Asset

Your customers are your greatest asset. We’ll help you learn to create a great customer experience that will help your business grow.

Featured Blog Image

REDC now offering free Google IT Certificates

The REDC at Yavapai College now offers free Google IT certificates available to anybody who is interested.

Featured Blog Image

Yavapai College SBDC Announces the Winners of the 2023 Moonshot Pioneer Pitch – Quad Cities Competition

As part of the fourth annual Moonshot Pioneer Pitch Tour, 17 local Quad City businesses competed for cash and prizes on Thursday, March 30th.

Featured Blog Image

Top Soft Skills for Leaders

Discover how to build a strong resume showcasing these top soft skills and invest in professional development to achieve your goals.

Featured Blog Image

What Does a Project Manager Do?

Projects big and small need a project manager. Learn how you can utilize your creative thinking, leadership, and communication skills through project management.

Featured Blog Image

Introducing Graduate Connections

Helping Employers Find Hires and YC Graduates Find Jobs

Featured Blog Image

Five Ways Accountability Training Can Benefit Your Career

Accountability training can be beneficial for every employee or employer. It can help you focus on your goals, resolve conflicts, and show greater leadership potential.

Featured Blog Image

These are the Highest-Paying CDL HAZMAT Careers

CDL drivers with a HAZMAT can make much more money than regular drivers. Check out this list of the highest-paying CDL HAZMAT jobs.

Featured Blog Image

Want to Become a CDL HAZMAT Driver? Here’s What You Should Know

Not sure if a HAZMAT endorsement is right for you? Learn more about what CDL HAZMAT drivers do and kickstart your driving career.

Featured Blog Image

Types of Sales Jobs: Different Strokes for Different Folks

There are all kinds of different types of sales jobs available for different personalities and career goals. Learn about sales categories and individual qualities that can contribute to success.

Featured Blog Image

What is Your Management Style? Tips for Impactful Leadership

One of the most prominent challenges leaders face is finding the best management style that suits them and their organization. Here’s the pros and cons of each one.

Featured Blog Image

How Creative Problem Solving Can Benefit You at Work

What is creative problem solving, and how can it help you in your career?

Featured Blog Image

What Is a Direct Report?

A direct report is an individual that works directly under a single manager, who delegates tasks and monitors progress. Learn exactly what it means to be (or manage) a direct report.

Featured Blog Image

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be used to create a more productive, happier workplace. Learn why it matters and how you can improve your emotional intelligence quota!

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