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PM Skills®: Tailoring and Adaptability

Self-Paced3 Course Hours | 12 Weeks
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Project Management
PM Skills®: Tailoring and Adaptability


Every project you encounter will be different in one way or another, and because of these inevitable differences, you'll need to tailor your project work to some degree. Different projects have different needs, expectations, and scopes, so your project's plans will have to be customized and adaptable to what your project demands. Small changes in your processes will be easy to adjust, but larger changes—like modifying your methodology—will require more intensive work.

This self-paced, fully online course will help you understand what tailoring is, increase your adaptability, and identify what in your projects you need to tailor. Knowing what and how to tailor will only increase productivity and lead to a more successful coordination and organization of your projects and operations.


  • PMI PDUs: 3
  • Leadership PDUs: 2.25
  • Strategic & Business Management PDUs: 0.25
  • Technical PM PDUs: 0.5
  • IACET CEUs: 0.3
  • HRCI Credits: 3
    • Specified - Strategic Business: 3
  • SHRM PDCs: 3


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Audio-enabled
  • Badge and credit-awarding
  • Fully accessible
  • Games & Flashcards
  • Expert-supported
  • Video content

learning Outcomes

  • Define tailoring and adaptability
  • Discuss why tailoring is necessary
  • Explain the importance of structuring your tailoring process
  • Understand what facets of your management approach can be tailored
  • Identify when tailoring should occur
  • Describe how to tailor
  • Identify dependencies that can be affected by tailoring
  • Assess your environment before, during, and after tailoring
  • Monitor and document your tailoring process and explain the importance of doing so

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