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Introduction to Emergency Management in the U.S.

Self-Paced10 Course Hours | 25 Weeks
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Emergency Management
Introduction to Emergency Management in the U.S.


Emergency management is a critical and expanding field; climate change has increased the extent and frequency of natural disasters, and terrorism is a growing threat. Therefore, emergency managers play an increasingly vital role across the whole community and all levels of government. This course is designed for learners who are studying emergency management for the first time, preparing for a new career or job role in emergency management, or seeking to refresh their knowledge of foundational concepts.


  • PMI PDUs: 10
    • Leadership PDUs: 3
      • Strategic & Business Management PDUs: 2
        • Technical PM PDUs: 5
          • IACET CEUs: 1


            • Mobile-friendly
            • Audio-enabled
            • Badge and credit-awarding
            • Real-world case studies
            • Fully accessible
            • Games & Flashcards
            • Expert-supported
            • Video content

            learning Outcomes

            • Define emergency management, explain the principles of emergency management, and recognize the various roles and responsibilities of emergency managers
            • Identify the laws, authorities, and structures that shape and define emergency management in the U.S.
            • Explain the purpose of an emergency operations center (EOC) and describe how and when to activate the EOC
            • Recognize the components of a successful emergency management program, including financial planning, resource management, and exercise program management
            • Describe the components of a mitigation plan and recognize how mitigation actions can prevent emergencies or minimize the resulting damages
            • Identify the six steps of planning and outline an emergency operations plan
            • Distinguish between the various types of training and exercises
            • Recognize the key partners in response and their various roles and responsibilities, such as communicating with the public, saving lives, and clearing debris
            • Explain the purpose and goal of recovery and identify the short-term and long-term activities that facilitate recovery
            • Outline the steps in the Presidential Disaster Declaration process and identify the various kinds of assistance available to emergency managers

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