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HR Fundamentals for Small Businesses

Self-Paced3 Course Hours | 12 Weeks
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Small Business Management
HR Fundamentals for Small Businesses


The people who make up your business are among your most valuable assets. Proper management of those human resources is critical for creating and sustaining a skilled and engaged workforce, developing a positive business culture, and generating a competitive advantage. Human resource personnel are involved in tasks like recruiting, selecting, compensating, training, developing, and disciplining employees. Who carries out these tasks varies depending on a business' size and organization. Large organizations may have a dedicated HR manager or even an entire HR department. In smaller businesses, on the other hand, HR responsibilities may be carried out by the CEO or business owner, delegated to staff, or outsourced.

Regardless of whether they will be responsible for carrying out HR tasks themselves, small business owners should be aware of important human resource issues, options, and controversies. This course reviews key areas in human resource management, like crafting job descriptions, finding the right people for those jobs, fairly compensating employees, and responding to performance issues. We also survey important employment laws and some best practices for creating a workplace that is safe and healthy for employees. Experts provide commentary and share their personal experiences relating to common HR issues.


  • IACET CEUs: 0.3
    • HRCI Credits: 3
      • SHRM PDCs: 3


        • Mobile-friendly
        • Audio-enabled
        • Fully accessible
        • Games & Flashcards
        • Expert-supported
        • Video content

        learning Outcomes

        • Describe options for managing HR responsibilities in a small business environment
        • Consider different approaches to employee recruitment
        • Create a job analysis
        • List the steps involved in employee selection
        • Review various methods for evaluating prospective employees
        • Describe the importance of onboarding
        • Distinguish between training and development
        • Describe common types of training and training delivery methods
        • Identify elements of compensation
        • Consider the importance of wage equity and competitiveness
        • Distinguish between legally-mandated and optional benefits
        • Compare various methods of performance appraisal
        • Describe common behavior issues
        • Explain the importance of progressive discipline

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