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aPHR™ Exam Prep Course (2022)

Self-Paced24 Course Hours | 25 Weeks
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HR Management
aPHR™ Exam Prep Course (2022)


The aPHR™ Exam Prep course covers the material found in the updated version of the aPHR™ exam, available in 2022. The course's content is broken up into sections, which correspond to the exam topics. The course begins with a Diagnostic Test that reflects the questions appearing on the exam, and provides learners with detailed feedback about their performance.

Each section of the content concludes with a set of practice questions, accompanied by detailed explanations of the correct answers. Practice tests can be taken numerous times, with different questions being pulled from test banks. At the end of the course is a full-length practice test, which contains 125 questions; the distribution of topics represents the weighting of aPHR™ exam topics.


  • IACET CEUs: 2.4


    • Mobile-friendly
    • Audio-enabled
    • Over 200 practice questions
    • Fully accessible
    • Games & Flashcards
    • Expert-supported
    • Video content

    learning Outcomes

    • To prepare learners for the Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR™) exam
    • To provide learners with content on the five exam topics covered in the aPHR™ exam
    • To provide learners with opportunities to answer practice questions that reflect the content and format of the aPHR™ exam questions
    • To provide learners with knowledge they can apply in the workplace
    • To professionally support learners in the field of human resources

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