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Top Paying Jobs in Business Management

A meeting room with people arranging sticky notes on a whiteboard.

Due to global events such as the pandemic, business managers are in higher demand than ever before. Remote jobs are at a historical high, and employment has decreased by roughly 14% since COVID-19. More than ever Companies need management professionals.

There are several roles in business management, all of which have different responsibilities. A manager's general responsibilities are to communicate goals, analyze data, oversee employees, implement plans, and a lot more. Because business management is highly valued, these roles tend to have high pay.

This article will list the 5 best-paying jobs in business management. Being in one of these careers not only requires versatility, but also care for the company, and all who are in it.

People working on laptops around a table.

1. Administrative Service Manager (US Average: 150K)

An administrative service manager is one of the best and highest-paying jobs for anyone with a degree in business management. Summed up, administrative service managers will lead an organization's services, and keep records in several ways.

Because this role has a high average salary the job does come with quite a handful of responsibilities and expectations. Here are some of the responsibilities of administrative service managers:

  • Oversee schedules for employees

  • Hire and train employees and other managers

  • Set goals and deadlines for the organization

  • Oversee equipment and maintenance

  • Meet health & security standards

  • Set up payroll and budgets

  • Allocate supplies for production

  • Keep records

Administrative service managers should have some soft skills to be the best they can be. They should be effective in communicating, dependable and reliable in their operations, logical in their decision-making, and have precise attention to detail in their tasks.

Most administrative service managers work in an office setting, but sometimes they have to go to off-site locations for special events or specific needs. Some of these managers travel frequently, going to different locations frequently.

Not only is this career a high-paying one, but it is also one of the best jobs in terms of leadership opportunities. It is recommended for anyone going into business management to have strong leadership skills.

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A speaker presenting a slideshow to a meeting room full of people.

2. Project Manager (US Average: 142K)

As the name indicates, a Project Manager (PM) leads a team of employees to accomplish and work through company projects. Their primary job is to plan, organize, create, and follow through on all projects and company goals. The job is in very high demand, and the available pay is high.

Some jobs project managers are responsible for include integrating new technologies, running a marketing campaign, launching new products, and more. The manager is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the project.

The key guidelines that a project manager follows for their projects are put into four:

  • Initialization

  • Planning

  • Execution

  • Closure

Keeping close track of projects is important for PMs to ensure projects are completed efficiently. The project manager has a lot of other duties as well. Here are some of the tasks a project manager is in charge of:

  • Ensuring deadlines for projects

  • Monitoring project progress

  • Evaluating performance

  • Problem-solving issues

  • Identifying and eliminating potential risks

  • Managing all project resources

  • Organizing projects

Like all of the careers listed in this article, having a bachelor's in business management will help you become a project manager. 68% of project managers have a bachelors, and 14% have a master's degree. It is also helpful to have certifications like the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate.

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3. Business Analytics Manager (US Average: 138K)

A business analytics manager ideates strategies and techniques to turn data into insight. Because the job heavily involves data analysis, most business analytics managers are also very knowledgeable in the world of computer science.

Including a degree in business management, a lot of business analytics managers also have degrees in statistics, and data analysis. This isn’t a hard-set requirement, but it could help you land this position.

Just like every single business management career, an analytics manager has a long list of responsibilities. Data and analysis is one of the most important components for any business. So, being the manager requires a lot of attention to detail and advanced critical thinking skills. Here are some of the primary responsibilities of a data analytics manager:

  • Build data models for their company and clients

  • Create and lead projects using advanced data techniques

  • Supervise all other analysis employees

  • Oversee and approve data reports

  • Oversee all reports, statistics, and graphs for the company

  • Predict future data trends

An important skill that most analysis managers need is familiarity with database management systems and querying. Microsoft Access is an important tool used by a lot of people in the field of analytics. Structured Query Language (SQL) is also a good skill to have under your belt.

The Regional Economic Development Center (REDC) at Yavapai College is here to help businesses in Yavapai County grow and connect with local professionals. REDC provides Job Fairs, Job Postings, and Courses for those interested in growing Yavapai business opportunities.

4. Operations Manager (US Average: 120K)

The primary job of an operations manager is to ensure that the company's components are intact and operating efficiently. They oversee the company's daily operations and assignments, making sure that things are running smoothly, and organizing the business to-do list.

Leadership and motivation skills make the job of an operations manager easier. It is important to note that the best business managers in general, are the ones with the best leadership skills. It takes time to develop these skills so it may take a while before you qualify for this role. Another skill that is important to have is budgeting for financial stability.

The responsibilities of an operations manager are simple, but they can stack up quickly. It is important to note that the specific duties will vary depending on the job. Here are some of the general duties of an operations manager:

  • Planning operational strategies for the company

  • Budgeting and controlling costs in several ways

  • Assuring products exceed standards for competition and quality

  • Overseeing daily activities

  • Lead a team to meet deadlines

  • Overseeing materials and inventory

Aside from the business management degree, it does help to have some financial/accounting experience while applying for an operations manager position. This is because a lot of the job consists of managing budgets and general financial components.

Someone taking notes from a calculator.

5. Human Resources Manager (US Average: 118K)

Human resource (HR) managers are the link between managers and employees. HR managers must have excellent people skills because they work very closely to the business's employees.

One of the biggest focuses of HR managers is interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding new staff. As one of the top executives, they develop strategic business plans with other managers in the company. Here are some of the primary duties an HR manager has:

  • Coordinate work environment for employees

  • Link management with employees

  • Create a diverse and ethical work environment

  • Interview, recruit, and onboard new employees

  • Work against harassment and segregation

  • Oversee employee benefits

  • Collect employee surveys

Having a degree, detailed resume, certifications, and excellent soft skills will help you while applying for an HR management job. The best management degree programs offer internship pipelines, networking events, and certifications to help you find an HR management position.

One of the best things about being an HR manager is the work-life balance. One of the healthiest things that a career can provide for anyone, is a good work-life balance. Without this balance you’ll likely dislike your job.

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