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Frontline Manager™ Simulation: Leading a Team at Dragonfly

Self-Paced10 Course Hours | 12 Weeks
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Frontline Manager™ Simulation: Leading a Team at Dragonfly


This simulation course is designed to challenge and engage you while you apply your knowledge of management best practices to real-world scenarios. During the simulation, you'll experience your first three months as the newly promoted frontline manager for Dragonfly Service's sales team. You'll experience the ups and downs of coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution, and change management. Along the way, you'll manage relationships at all levels, practice open communication, set SMART goals, and more, honing your skills as a frontline manager.


  • IACET CEUs: 1
  • HRCI Credits: 10
    • General: 10
  • SHRM PDCs: 10


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Audio-enabled
  • Simulation technology
  • Fully accessible
  • Expert-supported
  • Video content
  • Badge and credit-awarding
  • Real-world case studies

learning Outcomes

  • Manage your time and priorities to model good behavior for your staff
  • Demonstrate active listening and convey clear, precise information to your staff
  • Organize work and set SMART goals to measure and manage performance
  • Apply interpersonal skills to manage relationships with staff above and below you
  • Prevent and resolve conflicts on your team
  • Oversee your work processes to ensure your team is working efficiently
  • Help staff meet or exceed job-performance standards or enact appropriate disciplinary measures

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